Welcome to Atal Adarsh Vidyalaya Kidwai Nagar (East)

Atal Adarsh Vidyalaya Kidwai Nagar was established in 1956 with primary stage and upgraded to upper primary in 1989. After that the school was upgraded to secondary stage in the year 2012 and later in 2017 it was upgraded to Sr.Sec. level. on 5th October 2016 The new building of school was inaugurated by Sh.Venkaiah Naidu former union minister of urban development & Sh.Rajnath Singh was the guest of Honor. Besides this, two schools were merged in Atal Adarsh Vidyalaya Kidwai Nagar in the year 2017 viz. (1) N.P.Sr.Sec.School Nauroji Nagar (2) N.P. Primary School Kidwai Nagar. The school's new building is in five story with lift facility. The school also has undergound parking area facility for the students and teachers. The whole school is surveillance under CCTV Cameras. School also has Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) estabilished by Niti Aayaog.

Message from Our Principal

“When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world”



The whole purpose of education is to teach the child to think & not what to think. It has always been the Endeavour of the school to instill right values in its students so that they develop a holistic personality and take on the challenges ahead on once they step out of the gate of the school. We have set out on an alleviative & stimulative journey with the aim of providing our children an exclusive learning experience by teaching them to march ahead with positive skill, confidence & responsibility. Our thoughts are product of our values & values come from our beliefs system. There are many ways you can make an impact on the world. But there is no greater impact that you can make than spreading education, and empowering people who’ll empower and teach people, who, in turn, will empower and teach more. When you educate people, you take down barriers. You help them see what it’s like in other situations, cultures and countries. You create a world that is more tolerant to differences and accepting of all. Education is a long term investment. The time and money you put in, the courage you have to move through challenges and persevere… it will all keep paying off for the rest of your life. Education connects you with the stories, theories and accomplishments of faraway cultures and generations. It offers you a body of knowledge greater than you can ever gain on your own in one lifetime. When you develop critical thinking, you no longer take things for granted. You learn about people who saw something wrong and had the courage to do things differently in their personal lives, or lead a nation to an impactful transformation.when you get an education, you start realizing you can make a difference too.






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